Safety, accessibility and fitness improved at Memorial Park

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New improvements at Memorial Park near downtown Colorado Springs provide easier access to fitness for all users and increase connectivity throughout the park. The additions are the result of community input asking for better connectivity, access to fitness features, and easier access in general.

Project Details

  • Replace eight fitness stations and the addition of one fitness station
  • Add approximately 1.5 miles of concrete trail and walkways
  • Add soft surface trail around Prospect Lake to support low-impact recreation
  • Replace 500 feet of old concrete
  • Add 33 pedestrian ramps
  • Add six benches
  • Upgrade lighting which greatly improves visibility and makes the park safer in the early morning and evening
  • Add of free weekly boot camps designed to encourage creative recreation and outdoor exercise. The free program has already served more than 660 people
  • Offer new trail map that highlights the various fitness routes available through the park
  • Three trail counters to gather data on community use of park walkways

In addition, the City’s Public Works Department will soon complete missing segments of sidewalk along the park’s exterior.

“Memorial Park is a popular gathering place and recreational hub in our community, and we are excited to offer residents these new and upgraded amenities,” said Karen Palus, parks, recreation and cultural services director. “Not only does the park now have new and improved fitness equipment, but it is a safer and more accessible environment for all. This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous investment of Colorado Springs Health Foundation and its commitment to increasing opportunities for exercise, socialization and overall well-being.”


A built environment grant from the Colorado Springs Health Foundation contributed more than $900,000 to the project. In addition, the city’s Office of Accessibility contributed more than $400,000 for walkway improvements that provide greater accessibility throughout the park. Also, Colorado Springs Utilities contributed to retrofitting 11 lights around Prospect Lake that improve visibility and safety for users during early morning and evening hours.

“Colorado Springs Health Foundation is honored and delighted to have invested in these Memorial Park improvements because we know the value and importance of community parks,” said Cari Davis, Colorado Springs Health Foundation executive director. “Safe and accessible parks make it possible for all residents to enjoy physical activity, play and time outdoors – key ingredients of good health.”


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