TOPS Field Trips

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The City of Colorado Springs Regional Parks, Trails and Open Space Department is pleased to present 2-hour Field Trips. TOPS will cover fees for the 1st bus of every trip!

What you need to know

  • Who: Children in grades 3 through 5.
  • When: Fall (September through November) and Spring (March through April)
  • Time: Monday though Friday 10 a.m. to noon

Classes are welcome to eat lunch in the park at field trip completion. 

Remember to dress for the weather. Sturdy walking or hiking shoes and water bottles are required.


Red Rock Canyon Open Space

3550 W. High Street, 80904

  • Topics offered: Geology*
  • Hike Length: ~1 mile
  • Bus Parking: 31st Street Overflow Lot, drop students off at the picnic lot.
  • ADA Accessible: Yes

Join Park Rangers exploring the modern and ancient history of Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Students will learn about past environments and landscapes that created and sculpted the 300 million years of rock
formations and explore the fascinating 15,000 years of human history of this park! Learn about rock
formation, sedimentary deposition, erosion and weathering, and the fossil record of Colorado Springs!
Prehistoric archeology, turn of the century quarry and much more.

Stratton Open Space

1602 Ridgeway Ave, 80906

  • Topics offered: Watershed Ecology, Leave No Trace (Outdoor Ethics)*
  • Hike Length: ~1 mile
  • Bus Parking: Ridgeway Parking Lot
  • ADA Accessible: No

Stratton Open Space is an excellent example of how human activity can positively and negatively impact
watersheds. Students will discover the importance of protecting watersheds while enjoying a hike through the property.

Ute Valley Park

1705 Vindicator Dr, 80919

  • Topics offered: Fire Mitigation and Ecology*
  • Hike Length: ~1 mile
  • Bus Parking: “HP” Parking Lot
  • ADA Accessible: No

Forest fires have always been a part of the environment and play a vital role in maintaining ecosystems. On this field trip students will learn about how we can help prevent the catastrophic losses of uncontrolled or unwanted fire with mitigation. They will also learn about forest regrowth after a fire as a part of the fire cycle and the difference between historical forests and the forests of today. Students will also get to try a water pump backpack and learn how firefighters use a fire shelter.

How to schedule 

Please make an online request to your school district’s volunteer coordinator for a TOPS Field Trip.

Questions? Email

*Field Trips meet 2020 Colorado Academic Standards: 3rd Grade Science 3.2, 4th Grade Science 3.5, 5th Grade Science 2.2-2