My Mountain: how you can be a part of the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex

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Driving down I-25 you spot it before you spot the city itself. It serves as the majestic backdrop to downtown. You can see it from pretty much anywhere in the city. Pikes Peak is truly the crown jewel of Colorado Springs. 

Many living and working in Olympic City USA have a personal connection to Pikes Peak. A link so strong, it transcends its moniker, “America’s Mountain.” Instead, it’s our Mountain.

For some, that connection is through hiking, biking, running or camping, or, perhaps, it’s an annual mecca to experience the thrill and tradition of the Race to the Clouds. For others, a leisurely drive to the summit is the perfect experience for visiting friends and family.  Many of us live in its shadow or simply admire the mountain on our way to work every day. 

Those connections are what inspired the My Mountain campaign. 

As plans for a new Summit Complex began to take shape, the community asked for an opportunity to play a role, no matter how small. We were told that when the new complex opens in 2020, the entire community not only wants to feel they are a part of it, but that they have intrinsic ownership as locals. The My Mountain campaign was developed as a way for people to do just that. 

My Mountain Mayor & Luke open captions

It doesn’t matter how much you give. If someone wants to give $1, that’s great, now they are involved and a part of it. If school kids want to collect their pennies and come into Ent Credit Union to feel the pride of having contributed, they should have that opportunity, too. It may be only a few pennies, but to a child, contributing to something bigger than them brings pride and means everything to them. They will talk about that for years and every time they look up at Pikes Peak, they’ll be able to say, “That’s My Mountain, and I helped build the new visitor center.” 

That’s exactly what My Mountain is designed to do.

The My Mountain campaign isn’t an afterthought, thrown together at the last minute to make up for a shortage of funds. This has been the fundraising plan from the beginning. 

Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is a City Enterprise. That means that tax dollars are not being used to build the new summit house. Big donors have already contributed $53 million of the $60 million needed for the project. We’re thankful for their donations, of course, and we hope that businesses and corporations, and even individuals wanting to give more, will do so. But Pikes Peak belongs to everyone, and the new Summit Complex is a reflection of our entire community. 

The My Mountain campaign gives us all a chance to be a part of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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