Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain launches new storytelling audio tour

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain (PPAM) has launched a new self-guided audio tour to enhance the visitor journey on the Pikes Peak Highway. The free TravelStorysGPS mobile application provides guests with a personal tour guide and engages visitors through Pikes Peak history, experiences, and stories.

“As we continue to welcome record numbers of visitors to Pikes Peak each year, we are excited to be able to share more about America’s favorite mountain with our guests through the TravelStorys app,” said Jack Glavan, PPAM manager. “Being able to hear directly from a Pikes Peak ranger during your 19-mile drive makes the unforgettable journey to 14,115-feet even more special, and we hope everyone who visits Pikes Peak leaves feeling both inspired and that they learned something new.”

As visitors drive to the summit, Ranger Chaney shares facts, fiction, and stories about America’s Mountain, including points of interest, wildlife common to the area, and his personal experiences as a Pikes Peak ranger. A GPS-based application, the audio tour provides relevant information based on visitors’ location on the highway. The full journey encompasses 18 pre-recorded stops.

For the best experience, visitors are encouraged to download the TravelStorysGPS app before they arrive at the highway entrance. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store or on Google Play.

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