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Navigating the high altitude mountain roads and trails is exhilarating and a bucket list experience. Our diverse and dynamic weather challenges and the twists and turns of the road can present safety challenges. Our experienced staff is trained to make the call on safety of the Pikes Peak Highway and they determine when it is time to close the road for the safety of all visitors and staff.

For the safety of everyone, access after our posted hours of operation is prohibited and anyone on Pikes Peak Highway or within the recreation corridor may be subject to after hour fees.

A hiker safe room in the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center serves a warming shelter for hikers that arrive at the summit and the facilities are closed either due to weather or after hours. 


Transport during normal operating hours


After hours transport or assistance: If the Pikes Peak Highway is closed but staff is still on site, this is the minimum charge based on circumstances.


After hours recovery or rescue response: If a person requests assistance or requires rescue after hours, this is the minimum charge based on circumstances.