Design Challenges & Constraints

While there are many opportunities to consider with the new design of the Pikes Peak Summit Complex, there are equally as many, if not more, challenges and constraints that the design team will face. Just a few of the challenges include:

  • Complex program
  • Multiple jurisdictions and major stakeholders
  • Difficulties of physical labor at 14,000 feet
  • Limitations to the size of construction equipment
  • Conflicts with visitor traffic
  • Short construction season
  • Summit House capacity in weather emergencies
  • Pikes Peak Cog Railway platform capacity, look, and functionality / cover for disembarking passengers
  • Ownership / major stakeholder objectives
  • Funding
  • Current summit facilities’ operations during construction
  • Drainage and erosion control during construction
  • General traffic concerns
  • Lighting and noise impacts
  • Bike/hike and pedestrian facilities / multi-modal
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and compliance
  • Protection of the summit designation as a National Historic Landmark

Watch Brian Calhoun, RTA Architects, presentation videos about the project to the USSGBC Chapter Meeting in Sept 2016. 

Pikes Peak Summit Project Stakeholders (2:36)

What’s On Top of Pikes Peak? (2:21)

Pikes Peak Summit Project Site Layout (3:50)

Pikes Peak Summit Aerial View (2:17)

Pikes Peak Summit Outside Layout (1:49)

Pikes Peak Summit House Interior (2:41)

Pikes Peak Flythrough and Interpretive Exhibits (2:42)