Pikes Peak Summit Complex Project

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The new Summit Visitor Center is open

The new state-of-the-art visitor center is now open, providing people of all ages and abilities an immersive visitor experience.

The new building is opening in phases, so early visitors can expect to see final construction work taking place and finishing touches being made to the interpretive exhibits and signs throughout the site.

Ongoing construction will be most noticeable outside the visitor center. Crews are still constructing the walkways, parking lots, and outdoor interpretive displays, which will include interpretive rails around the summit describing the environment and the views, identifying key landscape features, and educating visitors with related side stories.

This exterior site work is expected to last through September 2021.

Experience new heights 

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain is one of the most visited mountains in the world and a top tourist attraction for the State of Colorado. Annually, nearly 1 million people reach the summit via the Pikes Peak Highway, The Broadmoor, the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway, or, for the more adventurous, the Barr or Crags hiking trails. Pikes Peak is an American icon, and the summit is a National Historic Landmark that holds a special place in America's heart.

Pikes Peak can be seen as the manifestation of the American spirit and desire to explore and experience our vast frontier. From the time Zebulon Pike spotted the Peak in 1806, through the late 20th century, development on the Peak has exemplified man’s desire to conquer nature. In many ways this is what makes Pikes Peak such an extraordinary place to visit—almost the only place in the world where all people, young and old, in good health and even those with disabilities can experience the summit of a 14,000 peak.

The deteriorating and difficult to maintain 1960s-era Summit House spurred the need to establish a new facility. Beginning in 2018, the City of Colorado Springs, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and Colorado Springs Utilities, began construction on the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex, which includes the Visitor Center, a Utilities facility and a High-Altitude Research Laboratory.

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