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Vehicle Restrictions

The purpose of this policy is to define the minimum vehicle and bus requirements and restrictions to ensure the safety of visitors and staff on the Pikes Peak Highway.

Cars and Non-Commercial Truck Restrictions

  • Automatic Transmissions: Must have a "1" or "L" on the shifter to be allowed on the highway. Hybrid transmissions may have a "B" which is also acceptable. Transmissions showing an "S" or "M" must demonstrate that this shifter will allow the transmission to be locked into 1st gear.

Bus and RV Requirements and Restrictions

  • Wheelbase
    • Bus or RV wheelbase cannot exceed 19 feet or 228 inches and can not exceed 24' in overall length for any bus or RV operating on the Pikes Peak Highway.
  • Brakes
    • Buses operating with less than a 21 passenger capacity may operate with standard hydraulic brake systems. Examples: Gray line or People Movers
    • Buses operating over 21 passengers must have air brakes with a sufficient retarder system or engine brake. Examples: Durham, school activity buses or church buses


  • All bus operators must have the required C.D.L. permit for the size bus and load they are carrying.
  • Out of state bus operators and vehicles must be pre-approved by the Pikes Peak Manager and must meet the above requirements. Approval must be requested, in writing, a minimum of 14-days prior to the planned visit.
  • All operators are encouraged to have experience driving high-altitude mountain highways.
  • Commercial Coaches or Charters: Most vehicles will not meet the above requirements and are discouraged


  • Any scooter that meets the motorcycle motor vehicle regulations according to the Colorado State Statute are allowed on the Pikes Peak Highway.
  • More than 50cc or 4476 watts
  • Certificate of title and vehicle registration (license plate and title)
  • Proof of valid insurance


Prohibited Vehicles

  • No pull-behind trailers or campers regardless of size. This includes bicycle and motorcycle trailers.
  • No ATV or OHV's allowed
  • No mopeds or scooters that do not meet the requirements above.
  • No skateboards or longboards

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain Staff reserves the right to refuse any vehicle access to the Pikes Peak Highway if they do not meet these requirements.