Emergency response fund available for COVID-19 response

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(Colorado Springs, CO) MARCH 13 – Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF) Emergency Relief Funds accept donations year-round, and in partnership with Pikes Peak United Way (PPUW) and the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency ManagementThe City and County are consolidating their Offices of Emergency Management in an effort to optimize staff resources, establish a single point of contact during major incidences and enhance communication both during and after an event. The new office, the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (PPR-OEM) will support operations during a disaster or emergency in El Paso County and Colorado Springs.Because disaster knows no jurisdictional boundaries, we can most efficiently prepare for an emergency and respond to one by coordinating our efforts on a regional basis. The establishment of the PPR-OEM will allow the county and the city to more effectively coordinate and assist first responders in an emergency as well as preparing the government and the community for a disaster. (PPROEM), they provide support for emergency relief. With more than 40 cases of COVID-19 in Colorado, 1 in El Paso county, triggering the Governors declaration of a state of emergency for Colorado, PPCF Emergency Relief Funds are activated.  The Funds, one each for El Paso and Teller Counties, are open to donations from citizens, companies and private foundations. 

The partnerships with Pikes Peak United Way and the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, provide a united philanthropic response to disaster relief and recovery efforts in the Pikes Peak Region. Just as emergency responders plan for times of crisis, these three organizations have come together with other key community leaders to guide citizens who want to help both during a disaster and the recovery.

There are many organizations that play important roles in disaster planning, response, and recovery. The goal of the Emergency Relief Funds is to provide a credible, organized, effective way for people to make gifts to be distributed to organizations providing support to citizens in time of emergency.

“No matter the emergency, together we can enhance our resiliency. PPCF is proud to host El Paso and Teller County Disaster Relief Funds and to partner with PPUW, PPROEM, and other critical organizations – what we know is that working together in dynamic situations is critical to providing organizations, individuals and families the support they need.”

Gary Butterworth, CEO, Pikes Peak Community Foundation

“Pikes Peak United Way strengthens our community, and in this case it’s through partnerships with those who support our citizens during today, during the COVID-19 outbreak, and those in the future. 2-1-1 helps people access services and critical information. People in crisis get connected and get help when they call 2-1-1. This is especially critical during times like this when we offer immediate access to an operator who can connect citizens with answers. 2-1-1 and PPUW are proud to work with PPCF on the Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee to help marshal necessary resources for people and organizations.”

Cindy Aubrey, CEO, Pikes Peak United Way

How it works:

  • PPCF Emergency Relief funds can receive gifts year-round. Go to ppcf.org/relief.
  • Following a state, county or municipally declared emergency in either El Paso or Teller County, PPCF, PPUW and PPROEM—will convene along with other members of the Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee to assess urgent needs, identify short-term gaps, gather information that will inform longer-term recovery efforts, and begin to distribute necessary funds.
  • The Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee consists of representatives from PPCF, PPUW, PPROEM, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), and a community member who has personally experienced disaster.
  • If community members want to give directly to an organization during a disaster they are encouraged do so and if organizations seek specific gifts PPCF and PPUW will work to list those on their websites.


Key Partners:

Pikes Peak Community Foundation holds Disaster Relief Funds for both El Paso and Teller Counties. Any individual who wishes to make a gift of any size to relief or recovery efforts may make a gift to these funds. 100% of public dollars collected will be granted.

Pikes Peak United Way plays an important role in not only serving on the Emergency Relief Distribution Committee, but also critically increases the capacity of 2-1-1 in order to provide assistance to affected individuals seeking information during disasters and emergencies.

Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (PPROEM) is perhaps our community’s lynchpin in disaster relief efforts during a crisis. The Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), which PPROEM operates, is the hub of information and assistance for victims and responders. They are a critical center for communications and operation and, as such, they work with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) to provide immediate need support for citizens at the DRC daily during a crisis.  VOAD is composed of regional nonprofit organizations who voluntarily provide on-site services directly to individuals and families during crisis situations.

About Pikes Peak Community Foundation Since 1928, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation has connected people with causes that matter by advancing philanthropy, creating legacies and fostering community stewardship. PPCF creates custom-designed, values-based, charitable gift plans for individuals, families and businesses which benefit public charities that strengthen our community. For more than 90 years, PPCF donors have invested more than $100 million in nonprofit organizations throughout the Pikes Peak Region. 

About Pikes Peak United Way Pikes Peak United Way works to advance the common good, creating opportunities for a better life for all by focusing on the three key quality of life building blocks - education, income and health.  Pikes Peak United Way creates long-lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes that prevent progress in these areas.  For more information about Pikes Peak United Way, please visit ppunitedway.org.     

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