Preparedness Month: Teach Kids to Prepare for Disaster

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September is National Preparedness Month! This week we are talking about preparing kids and youth for disasters. Preparing your family for an emergency can be as simple as a conversation over dinner. 

seat of your pants

Five Things You Can Do To Prepare Kids

  1. Make sure kids and youth know the emergency plan so they know what to do even if you aren't there. Teach children what to do in an emergency if they are at home or away from home. 
  2. Help your kids know how to communicate during an emergency. Review these topics with them: Sending text message; Emergency contact numbers; Dialing 9-1-1 
  3. Make sure school records and emergency contacts are up-to-date. Ask your child’s teacher about the plans the school has in place for emergencies. Add your kids’ school’s social media info to the family communication plan
  4. Get the kids involved in building their own emergency kit. Include your child's medication or supplies in your family’s emergency kit. It's also a good idea to include your child's favorite stuffed animals, board games, books or music in their emergency kit to comfort them in a disaster. 
  5. Use games to help kids prepare for an emergency.

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