Preparedness month: reduce your wildfire risk

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September is National Preparedness Month! This week we are talking about wildfires, and how you can not only prepared, but also reduce your risk. The warm, dry climate in Colorado Springs means there is potential for wildfires year-round.

Wildfire Awareness

Wildfire Awareness

Four Ways You Can Be Prepared

  1. Sign-up for emergency alters from El Paso-Teller 911.
  2. Understand evacuation levels. When you are told to leave, LEAVE.
  3. Have an evacuation plan.
  4. Make sure your Go Bag is ready to go. Make sure to take with you everything you'll need for at least 72 hours. Don't forget to include your people, pets, papers (examples are the deed to your home, insurance papers, telephone numbers), prescriptions, and photos that aren't replaceable. 

How You Can Reduce Your Wildfire Risk

Mitigation PSA 2018

Mitigation PSA 2018
  1. Know your risk. People living in areas where it transitions from wildland (unoccupied land) and human development are at an increased risk of wildfire. Examples include Mountain Shadows, and the neighborhoods surrounding Palmer Park. Take a look at our wildfire risk map to find out what the wildfire risk is where you live.
  2. Create a "defensible space" around your home.
  3. Plant fire resistant trees and shrubs around your home.

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