Co-Creator Resources

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Focus Group Resources

  • Best Practices - This document gives some pointers for meeting preparation and best practices. If you need any more information or additional resources do not hesitate to contact us at For each exercise: The meeting facilitator will act as the Discussion Leader and appoint a note taker to keep record of the group discussion. Each participant needs an exercise sheet to write their own ideas on.
  • Meeting Info Sheet - Please fill out one of these sheets with the logistics of your Citizen Engagement Meeting and submit it with your results.
  • What is PlanCOS? - You can print and hand out this one page description of the PlanCOS process.

Favorite Places Exercise

In the Favorite Places Citizen Engagement Exercise, we are trying to identify people’s favorite places to “Live, Work, Play, and Shop” and what elements are essential to their success? Whether it be, walkability, parking availability, variety, proximity to I-25 or biking trails, we want to know what your favorite places are and why! 

Opportunities and Challenges Exercise

In this Citizen Engagement Exercise we ask "what are some of the greatest opportunities for the City of Colorado Springs?  What challenges are facing those opportunities?" For example, The Pikes Peak Greenway Trail has the opportunity to connect the city with walkable and bike friendly infrastructure. But, it is challenging to keep the space clean and safe because it is isolated from storefronts and has poor lighting for trips after dark.

Place Making Exercise

What places in Colorado Springs have the most potential and what do they need to fulfill that potential? Take the K-Mart of Nevada and Fillmore for example, it’s a large lot in a good location but it doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. What could the lot be instead? What would maximize the potential of that location?

Public gathering places where you can hold focus group meetings