PlanCOS Survey Results

PlanCOS Co-Creators -Sean Holveck

Survey 2

Below are the top five responses for each PlanCOS vision theme presented in survey two. A fully summary document is coming soon.

Most Commented Themes

  1. Majestic Landscapes: 1.236 responses
  2. Vibrant Neighborhoods: 916 responses
  3. Strong Connections: 777 responses
  4. Thriving Economy: 746 responses
  5. Unique Urban Places: 604 responses
  6. Renowned Culture: 544 responses

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Theme: Vibrant Neighborhoods

Number of Responses: 916

Statement: Vibrant Neighborhoods: Forms diverse and safe neighborhoods with quality gathering areas, a variety of employment, a mix of housing types and transportation choices, and a shared sense of citywide pride.

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Encourage grocery stores, food markets, coffee houses, restaurants, and other supportive businesses in every neighborhood.
  2. Allow a mix of well-designed, affordable, and attainable housing in neighborhoods throughout the city.
  3. Support alternative community design, such as communities centered on urban farms/ gardens, co-op housing, or neighborhood gathering places.
  4. Focus City resources first and foremost on public safety within neighborhoods (e.g. through increased police patrols and support of neighborhood watch programs).
  5. Permit Accessory Dwelling Units (e.g. granny flats, basement apartments, carriage houses) in most neighborhoods and zone districts to allow more housing options.

Theme: Unique Urban Places

Number of Responses: 604

Statement: Unique Urban Places: Centers on a vibrant Downtown and is strengthened by reinvesting in walkable, healthy, and interesting urban spaces that are located in new and reinvented areas within our defined City boundary. 

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Activate community areas with events like regular farmers markets and concerts.
  2. Further implement construction of a river walk along Monument Creek.
  3. Require large, master-planned developments to build unique and walkable urban places as part of their plans.
  4. Integrate more housing in Downtown to activate street life after hours.
  5. Accelerate decommissioning of the Martin Drake Power Plant and actively plan for the adaptive reuse of the site

Theme: Thriving Economy

Number of Responses: 746

Statement: Thriving Economy: Fosters an environment of inclusivity and economic diversity by attracting an innovative and adaptive workforce, investing in quality of life, supporting its military, expanding its sports ecosystem as associated with Olympic City USA, and advancing existing and targeted employment sectors. 

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Focus on providing high-quality infrastructure and amenities to support economic development.
  2. Support the mixing of businesses, office, and residential uses in many areas.
  3. Focus on land use policy particularly on attracting and retaining high-tech and cyber security companies.
  4. Capitalize on the emerging sports economy (including the Olympic Training Center, sports medicine complex at UCCS, amateur and minor league sports, Olympic Museum, and manufacturing of high-tech training equipment).
  5. Focus on adding and expanding COS airport-related businesses and uses.

Theme: Strong Connections

Number of Responses: 777

Statement: Strong Connections: Adapts to how we move by transforming our corridors to support our future generations’ health and mobility needs, enhancing economic vibrancy, upgrading infrastructure, and improving regional connectivity. 

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Actively plan for a high speed commuter rail or similar service north to Denver and south to Pueblo.
  2. Continue to focus on solutions regarding east-west corridor congestion, including roadway capacity improvements.
  3. Physically and visually connect commercial and residential developments to trail and greenway corridors.
  4. Improve bicycle infrastructure and facilities in existing neighborhoods.
  5. Maximize the shared use of stormwater infrastructure improvements for bike and pedestrian connections.

Theme: Renowned Culture

Number of Responses: 544

Statement: Promotes arts, culture, and education as essential parts of life, and embraces our identity and assets as Olympic City USA. This builds on the efforts of General Palmer and many others that envisioned culture as the cornerstone of the community and where creative energy generates new possibilities, interpersonal connections and unprecedented philanthropy. 

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Attract more museums, performance venues, and galleries for the fine and performance arts.
  2. Integrate the arts into the natural landscape with outdoor concert venues, art in parks, and along greenways.
  3. Encourage cultural activities and facilities throughout the City, not just Downtown
  4. Develop a central arts district.
  5. Pursue a robust and sustainable revenue stream to support arts and culture facilities and programs.

Theme: Majestic Landscapes

Number of Responses: 1,236

Statement: Majestic Landscapes: Celebrates its location at the base of America’s Mountain and as a gateway to the Rockies, preserves its magnificent views and iconic sites, and creates engaging natural areas.  

Question: Which opportunities do you feel best address the above Vision? (select those most important to you)

Top Responses:

  1. Emphasize preservation of undeveloped open space and natural areas.
  2. Protect views of Pikes Peak from Downtown, major parks, greenway corridors, and public places.
  3. Limit new development in our mountain backdrop, foothills, and undeveloped prairie areas.
  4. Focus on establishing a full system of paved and unpaved trails within parks and open space accessible to all areas of the City.
  5. Acquire additional property to preserve greenway corridors.

Survey 1 Results

(Click on any of the graphs below to see it full-size) 

What do you love about Colorado Springs?

 parks, trails and open spacesWe asked you to tell us what you love about Colorado Springs and you told us! Below are the top 10 responses:

  1. Natural beauty and scenic views
  2. Outdoor activities and recreation
  3. Weather and climate
  4. Friendly people and strong community
  5. The mountains
  6. Proximity to and accessibility to the outdoors
  7. Small town feel with big city amenities
  8. Arts and culture
  9. Downtown
  10. Parks, trails and open spaces


What do you think needs improvement?

 homelessness and social issues NuWe also asked you where you think we can improve. Here's what you told us.

  1. Road infrastructure and network
  2. Modernized transportation (bus, rail, bike, pedestrian)
  3. The urban environment
  4. Homelessness and social issues
  5. Bike infrastructure and safety
  6. Government
  7. New businesses
  8. Development and redevelopment
  9. Downtown
  10. Outdoor recreation


What areas of focus would you like this plan to address?

graphic showing top survey responses about areas/issues the plan should focus on: Number 1: upgrade infrastructure Number 2: create a complete multi-modal transportation system Number 3: increase walkability Number 4: reinvest in the city Number 5: addresWe asked you where you think this plan should focus in order to improve Colorado Springs. Here is what you told us.

  1. Upgrade infrastructure
  2. Create a complete multi-modal transportation system
  3. Increase walkability
  4. Reinvest in the city
  5. Address and improve certain neighborhoods
  6. Focus on infill and revitalization
  7. Enhance the quality of life
  8. Increase youth talent retention
  9. Increase job base and grow workforce
  10. Expand visibility of the arts