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Development Applications


The Land Use Review Division handles various types of development applications ranging from large-scale annexations to small-scale development proposals. The applications and processing section will walk through the processing of submitting an application.

Forms and Checklists: This section is the location for all application forms and checklists. To request a pre-application meeting with one of the Planners, which is the beginning of any application, click Pre-Application Meeting Request Form. You can submit this form by fax, email or mail to the address at the bottom of the form. The General Development Application Form is required for all application submittals in conjunction with the applicable checklist(s). The Checklists for each type of development application are located in the next sub-section.

Note: To open the forms and documents, you should have Adobe Reader X or newer to view and print the information. Please be advised that some web browsers may not open these forms; should that occur, please contact the Land Use Review office (719) 385-5905 so that we can find another option to get you the information and/or application you need.

Permits and Letter Requests: Various permits can be applied for to include Home Day Care, Home Occupation, Temporary Use or Revocable Permits for private use of public right-of-way.

Processing Information: The submittal of an application can take one of two routes. This page walks through both the administrative process and the Planning Commission process. Use the corresponding flow charts and descriptions in the sub-sections to learn about the process.

Building Permit Documents: Various documents may be required to be submitted along with building plans to obtain a building permit. For permits and information contact Pikes Peak Regional Building at (719) 327-2880 or on their website at

Miscellaneous Documents: Miscellaneous documents referenced in either an application checklist or a processing flow chart can be found here. For example, fees, landscape plan checklists, mineral rights notification, posting affidvaits and other documents can be found in this location.