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In 2012 and 2013, Mayor Bach established an initiative to proposed solutions for revitalization and development of four (4) areas within the City:

  • Downtown
  • Southeast / Academy Boulevard
  • North Nevada Avenue
  • Airport Business Park

These focus areas are identified as Economic Opportunity Zones (EOZ) on the attached EOZ Overview Map. In 2013, the Mayor convened a Solutions Team to specifically recommend strategies for the Academy and North Nevada areas. Two task forces associated with this Team prepared and submitted reports to the Mayor and City Council in early 2014.

South Academy Economic Opportunity Zone Action Plan

North Nevada / University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Economic Opportunity Zone Task Force findings and recommendations

Although neither of these reports has been formally adopted, they provide a context for the strategic direction of the City for these two areas.

For additional information on these reports and initiatives, please contact Carl Schueler, Planning Manager, Comprehensive Planning at (719) 385-5391 or