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PlanCOS Explores "Complete Creeks"


Creek corridors offer a “green spinal network” of connecting our city from north-to-south and from east-to-west.  Creeks can connect us with off-street paths, provide living classrooms to educate our children and young adults, and provide relaxing spaces to picnic and play in; where and when it’s safe and appropriate. 

The City recognizes this potential and is working to make our creeks valued community places that add to our beautiful city rather than where dispose of unwanted belongings. We refer to this concept as “complete creeks”.

To help experience the power of our creeks in Colorado Springs, the PlanCOS team went to where Sand Creek crosses South Platte Avenue to experience the Complete Creek concept first-hand.  The group, comprised of the PlanCOS Steering Committee, City Council, City staff, and two partnering businesses (Borealis and the Colorado Springs Flea Market), split up into two groups, to do a walking tour or ride fat bikes.

Both groups saw examples of failed stormwater infrastructure, impacts of erosion on the creek, illegal dumping, but most importantly, opportunities to do things differently.

A good example of  Complete Creeks is to visualize riding a bike to a store instead of driving your car.  You ride your bike down your neighborhood street to a bike path.  The bike path runs along the creek.  There are people walking, picnicking, and a classroom is in the creek exploring bugs and plants.  You then get off the path and realize that you haven’t seen another car for the past 3 miles.  Instead, you’ve been listening to birds chirping in the trees, water trickling down the creek, and wind blowing through the trees.  You then pull up to the store on your bike and lock it on a bike rack, grab your bag and go in to get a few groceries.

With PlanCOS, we’re hoping to create the foundation for people to have a new and different experience in our creeks and begin seeing our creeks as one of our most unique and incredible assets.