Behind the Springs Podcast: Improving our parks one potty at a time

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There’s a TikTok video with 6 million views AND we’ve been asked to enter for an award … what’s all the excitement about? The city’s most high-tech bathroom at Bancroft Park!  Listen to our conversation with Britt Haley from the Parks Department about this new addition, what it means for park lovers, how it will save money, and how these types of projects are funded. Who knew a potty could be so exciting?!

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Inside the new restrooms

Bancroft Potty

Bancroft Potty

Video Description

Visual elements: New elements of Bancroft park including landscaping, sculptures, sidewalks, and public restroom.

Text on screen: In a new and improved Bancroft Park you will find this building (outside of restrooms). But this is no ordinary public potty. It's different inside and out.

Visual Elements: People wearing masks and putting an artistic shrink wrap around the outside of the restroom facility.

Text on screen: It's been wrapped in a collage of historical photos and facts about Old Colorado City.

Visual elements:
Toilet paper automatically dispensing, person pushing "touch to open door" button, stainless steel door sliding open, blurred images inside restroom. 

Text on screen: Inside you will find an automatic toilet paper dispenser, self cleaning meters, and a timer that allows for seven minute sessions.

We're not showing you the inside. You will have to experience it for yourself during your next visit to Bancroft Park.

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