Behind the Springs: Summer is ending but the pandemic is not

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We’re doing great but it’s not over! Tune in for a pep talk from the Medical Director at El Paso County Health. Dr. Robin Johnson gives details about a new “data dashboard” that will help you stay updated on the latest COVID-19 numbers AND she provides some helpful tips as we wrap up summer and prepare for flu season.

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Episode 31: It's up to you (July 2020)

Should we send kids back to school?  When will this be over? What can I really do about it? Dr. Leon Kelly from the El Paso County Health Department doesn’t have all the answers, but he has quite a few that will make you think and perhaps realize the power of individual choices in the fight against COVID-19. Stay educated, stay vigilant and stay positive – we hope this conversation will help!

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Episode 24: City Budget Impacts (May 2020)

You don’t need to have a head for numbers to know the budget forecast is stormy. How will the city keep serving residents during this pandemic and economic crisis? Hear all about the local plan from the city’s Chief Financial Officer, including how the city is prioritizing public safety and other critical services. It impacts you and our entire community! 

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Episode 22: COVID-19 update from El Paso County's medical director (May 2020)

We have officially entered the “Safer at Home” phase in our local response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why can’t we just open everything up? When will we know if we can move to the next phase? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? These are just a few of the questions Jen and Ted ask Dr. Robin Johnson, one of the leading health experts in the Pikes Peak region.  

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