Colorado Springs Police on Accident Alert

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Alert Status as of 8:50 AM, 3/13/19.
Drivers are reminded if they are involved in a traffic accident with no fatalities or injuries requiring medical attention, no driver involved is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, all drivers are present with license, registration and insurance information, and no damage to public property such as a street sign or utility pole has occurred, drivers should exchange their information and follow the procedure for completing a counter (cold) report. When damage to any vehicle requires a wrecker, a counter report can still be made providing the previous criteria is met.

Drivers can either pick up a traffic accident report form at any of the police department substations or they can report online. Drivers are also reminded to take the appropriate steps to avoid being involved in a traffic accident during adverse weather and road conditions. Drivers should check road and travel conditions before heading out and leave more time to get to their destination. Drivers need to travel at a safe speed for the conditions and leave an increased and safe following distance from the vehicle in front of them. Drivers should use streets and roadways less hazardous in winter driving conditions. Drivers also need to remove snow and ice obstructing their vision and have adequate snow tires on their vehicles. Finally, if you are considering driving, assess whether you need to be on the roads or whether your reason for driving can wait for safer conditions