CSPD Sand Creek Divisional Property Crime Audit

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At each of the Colorado Springs Police Department’s (CSPD) Patrol Divisions, there are property detectives who investigate various property crimes, such as burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and more.

In late 2018, the Colorado Springs Police Department conducted an internal audit after two detectives left the Property Crimes Unit at the Sand Creek Division. The CSPD discovered discrepancies in the case filing procedures utilized by the two detectives. It was determined that some electronic case report documents were not consistently being transferred to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s (DA) Office.

This process of transferring case documentation is commonly referred to as “discovery” in cases where criminal charges are pending against a defendant.

Through an initial review of all the affected cases, the information that was not provided to the DA’s Office appears to be primarily administrative in nature.

As a result of these findings, CSPD made immediate changes to the Property Crimes Detectives’ case filing process to remedy the identified issue. Out of an abundance of caution, the department – in coordination with the DA’s office –  also began evaluating all filed cases from the two detectives from 2012 forward, and resubmitting them back to the DA’s office to ensure all pieces of information are provided to the defendants.

After reviewing procedures and case filings throughout the Property Crime Units at all four divisions, it is believed that the discrepancies were isolated to these two detectives.

The review is still ongoing and additional information will be released at its conclusion.

Any additional questions can be directed to Sergeant Betts via the Sand Creek hotline:  (719) 482-7121.