Red Light Camera Warnings

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On April 9, 2019, red light safety cameras were implemented at two Colorado Springs intersections in an effort to prevent dangerous red-light running. Motorists were given a 30-day education and warning period before $75 violations, confirmed by CSPD staff, were issued to the registered owner.

Official numbers show that during the warning period:

  • 1,128 possible violations were sent to the CSPD
  • CSPD sent 898 warning violations
  • 839 of the 898 warning violations were captured at the Platte and Chelton intersection
  • 59 out of the 898 warning violations were captured at the Lexington and Briargate intersection

In an effort to provide accurate and transparent data, the CSPD will publish updated monthly statistics on its website:

Please note that published statistics will be from 60-days prior. This is because it takes approximately 60-days for a month’s violations to be properly processed between the vendor, CSPD, and the courts. For example, in August we will release the statistics for May, in September we will release to statistics for June, etc.

For more information on the program, please see the Colorado Springs Police Department’s website at:

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