Specialized Enforcement Division

The Specialized Enforcement Division (SED) is a group of highly trained officers who support the Patrol Bureau, the Investigations Division and the Metro VNI Division by enforcing traffic laws, investigating serious accidents, providing security to the Colorado Springs Airport, city buildings and the Municipal Courthouse, and responding to high-risk emergency situations. The Specialized Enforcement Division (SED) consists of three sections: the Tactical Operations Section, the Protective Security Section and the Patrol Support Section.

Tactical Operations Section

The Tactical Operations Section comprises four (4) units tasked with emergency response to high-risk calls for service. These units are:

  • Tactical Enforcement Unit (TEU)
    • This unit consists of 12 full-time officers who are highly trained and equipped to handle high-risk situations. The unit is supervised by one lieutenant and one sergeant.
  • Canine (K-9) Unit
    • The Canine Unit supports the Patrol divisions, but is available to assist any element of the Police Department or other outside agencies, through the use of highly trained dogs. This unit is supervised by one lieutenant and one sergeant, and consists of 9 officers and their canine partners.
  • Colorado Springs Regional Explosives Unit
    • The Colorado Springs Regional Explosives Unit is a support unit consisting of highly trained and certified officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department and deputies from El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The CSPD provides one sergeant, one full-time officer, and 11 part-time para-technicians. The EPSO provides three part-time deputies. The unit is the primary responding bomb squad for Homeland Security in the South Central Region; encompassing five counties: Chaffee, El Paso, Lake, Park, and Teller, as well as the Colorado Springs Metropolitan area. Additionally, due to the limited number of certified bomb squads within the State of Colorado, the Unit also provides services and support to approximately 33 counties in the southern part of the state.
  • Community Impact Team (COMMIT)
    • This unit is tasked with the interdiction of gang-related crime. The unit consists of one sergeant and six detectives. COMMIT continues to work in partnership with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, the ATF Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to enhance its ability to target local and regional criminal gang activity and subsequently pursue federal prosecution.
Protective Security Section

The Protective Security Section in composed of three (3) units tasked with emergency response and security services. These units are:

  • Municipal Security Unit
    • This unit is tasked with providing security services for the Municipal Court, City Administration Building, and City Hall. Members of this unit also provide Safeguarding America's Future (SAF) training to all city employees.
  • Airport Police Unit
    • This unit oversees all law enforcement operations, except passenger screenings, for the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. The unit consists of one sergeant, nine officers and three explosive detection canine officers.

Colorado Springs Airport Website

  • Office of Emergency Management / Police Emergency Services Unit
    • The unit, consisting of one officer and a lieutenant, works in conjunction with the City's Office of Emergency Management during critical events to coordinate police responses and resources. This unit is also tasked with the coordination of CSPD resources during planned disaster training exercises.

Office of Emergency Management

Patrol Support Section

The Patrol Support Section comprises multiple units tasked with support and enforcement operations.

  • Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Unit
    • The "motors" unit is tasked with traffic enforcement and safety within Colorado Springs. The unit consists of two sergeants and 18 officers. This includes one officer trained in Motor Carrier (commercial vehicle) enforcement. Officers in this unit also provide cover to patrol officers on calls for service.
  • Major Accident Unit
    • This unit consisting of three highly trained detectives is tasked with the investigation of traffic accidents that result in a fatality or serious bodily injury. Each detective oversees a team of part-time investigators from patrol.
  • Special Events / Extra Duty / Alarms Unit
    • This multifunctional unit oversees the coordination of police services for special events, tracking and maintenance of burglar alarm permits, and the management of the extra-duty program. The unit consists of one sergeant and civilian support staff.
  • Parking Services Unit
    • The three civilian employees assigned to this unit oversee enforcement of metered parking within the downtown area of Colorado Springs and W. Colorado Ave in the Old Colorado City area in western Colorado Springs.  This unit also consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who enforce handicapped parking rules throughout the City of Colorado Springs.

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