Know Your Risks. Make Your Plan. Improve Your Outcome. Prepare for emergencies before the crisis or disaster impacts your family or the community. You can start by learning about the hazards most likely to affect your community.



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Not all emergency alerts provide the same information so it’s important to understand the types of alerts out there and what they provide. 

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Make a plan

Creating plans for family communications, loved ones with special needs, household matters, financial documents and evacuation are all part of being well prepared.  During an emergency, family members may not be together and a Family Communications Plan will assist people in contacting each other.  Household Plans will assist your family in knowing how to prepare ahead of time and what to do during and immediately after an event. Many businesses, schools and neighborhoods have taken steps to develop plans as well.  Neighbors and co-workers often support each other during times of disaster, especially if first responders are unable to get to your area.


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