Notices of Final Settlements

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Current Notices of Final Settlements

**Effective January 2020, Construction Notices of Final Settlement for City of Colorado Springs contracts will be posted on**

Contract                 Contractor.

C008511                 Designer Columns and Piers of Colorado Springs, Colorado

C008346                Wells and West Contractors, Inc.

C008677                 DRX Enterprises

C008512                 Great West Construction 

C008471                 K.R. Swerdfeger Construction of Pueblo West, Colorado

T008517                 Lawrence Construction 

T008734                 Blue Ridge Construction

C008864                Even Preisser

C008800                Timberline Landscaping Inc

C008550                JHL Constructors

C008633                Murphy Constructors

C008929                Tezak Heavy Equipment

C009003                PLS Mechanical

T008754                TLM Constructors

T008260                Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

C008829               Stonebrook Roofing Inc  

C008893               Daniel-Barry Construction Inc.

C008778               Singletrack Trails, Inc.

T008178                Wildcat Construction Company

C008783               Flatiron Constructor Inc.

C009403               Noraa Concrete Construction Corporation

T008485                Kraemer North America

PO64851               Tolar Manufacturing

C009017               Synergy Mechanical Services, Inc.

C009135               Bryan Construction, Inc.

C009210               Bryan Construction, Inc