Envision Shooks Run Corridor Study


The Envision Shooks Run study focuses on one of the more important stream corridors in the central part of the City of Colorado Springs. The study area encompasses two boundaries: the Community Planning and Transportation System Area boundary (noted in blue in the map above) and the Infrastructure Planning Boundary (noted in red in the map above). The project area is generally located to the east of Downtown Colorado Springs, between the Patty Jewett Golf Course area and the Fountain Creek corridor, to the south. It encompasses the southeastern quadrant of the Legacy Loop trail.

Envision Shooks Run is a multi-modal transportation and drainage infrastructure study initiated by the City of Colorado Springs to address challenges and opportunities along the Shooks Run Corridor. The study is a collaborative, 16-month citizen-involved process that will result in a prioritized plan for future construction of much needed improvements to the aging infrastructure. But, rather than just addressing the challenges, Envision Shooks Run is an opportunity for an optimal plan that maximizes community benefits for all who use the corridor.

The City of Colorado Springs has initiated the Envision Shooks Run Corridor Study recognizing its responsibility:

  • to manage and improve the infrastructure in our City
  • for planning, budgeting and performing maintenance and capital improvements
  • to identify funding to address issues
  • to listen to our community for guidance on how best to accomplish these things
  • to make the final decisions while considering technical analysis and public input

To learn more visit EnvisionShooksRun.com

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