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Cleaner streets coming to a neighborhood near you


The City of Colorado Springs just acquired eight new street sweepers and has created a dedicated crew to focus on this important roadway maintenance. We bet you’re wondering, “why should I care about street sweepers?” Well, here are a few reasons why this is good news for everyone:

Street sweeping helps improve air quality. Debris left in the roadway contributes to air pollution. Street sweeping operations compliment the City’s roadway maintenance program by helping meet federal, state and local environmental and air quality mandates by reducing the amount of dust in the air.

Clean streets are the first defense for stormwater infrastructure. Dirt, rocks, leaves and other debris that are in the street eventually get washed into the stormwater system and that can cause big problems in our waterways and downstream. Street sweeping serves as the first line of defense in keeping stormwater systems clear from debris that makes its way to creeks and waterways.  

Clean streets are safer streets. Street sweeping creates safer roadways for motorcyclists and bicyclists who can be negatively impacted by roadway debris.

Clean streets enhance the City’s beauty.

These street sweepers are saving your tax dollars. The City acquired the eight new street sweepers through a lease-purchase agreement. Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division Manager Corey Farkas says that by opting for a lease agreement instead of outright purchase, the City can expect to save approximately 17%  on maintenance and fuel costs. This is because our old fleet of sweepers had exceeded their service life by several years and were forcing the City to spend significantly on maintenance simply to keep them operational.  In addition, the old fleet was, on average, less fuel efficient than the newer generation of diesel engine technology that can be found on the new fleet.  All of these factors lead to a significant operational savings for the City. 

The Streets department has restructured its staffing to create the new, dedicated street sweeper crew. Until now, street sweeping operations were often left as the lowest priority. Now, dedicated crews will clean streets following a grid system to ensure streets are cleaned at regular intervals. They will also respond to citizen requests for street sweeping. If you see a road or street in your neighborhood that needs to be swept you can report it by using the GoCoSprings app on your smartphone or by calling 385-ROAD.

Read the full press release here