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Woodmen Road Corridor CFI Intersection (long version)

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Major traffic shift at Woodmen Rd/Union Blvd intersection in place Sunday morning


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Motorists on Woodmen Road and Union Boulevard will drive through a new traffic configuration  beginning the morning of Sunday, Dec. 10. Motorists turning left onto Union Boulevard will have to move into position about one-quarter mile before reaching the Union Boulevard intersection.

This new turning traffic configuration will stay in place permanently and is required to complete work in the medians before opening the Continuous Flow Intersection by the end of the year. When the CFI is in place there will be two left-turn lanes, single right-turn lanes and three thru-lanes across Woodmen Road at Union Boulevard that will accommodate a larger volume of traffic and decrease the wait time encountered at the intersection.

Motorists should look for directional signs and be prepared to enter the left turn lane at a smaller left-turn signal about a quarter-mile before reaching Union Boulevard. Motorists will then turn left onto Union Boulevard with the aid of a new signal. Uniformed police officers will be stationed at the intersection Sunday through 6 p.m. Dec. 11 to help facilitate traffic movement during the transition.

This will be a NEW intersection. Remember:

Vehicles turning left or right onto Union Boulevard must get into position well in advance of reaching the intersection.

  • Vehicles must turn from dedicated turn lanes, not from the thru lanes at the intersection
  • Left turns onto Union Blvd: Must turn at first left turn signal located ¼ mile before Union Boulevard
    • Wait in left turn lane until first signal turns green to cross over to left side of road (oncoming traffic is held)
    • Vehicles will make left turn onto Union Blvd using 2nd left turn signal at Union (oncoming traffic will travel to right of left turn lanes)
  • Right turns onto Union Blvd: Stay in far right lane
  • Traffic flow on Union Blvd will not change

A short video explains how to make left turns at the new traffic configuration

To download a full video of how the CFI will work when complete later this year visit

For more information contact the project hotline at 719-900-5960, or the project website at , or by email:

graphic of woodmen road