Printers Parkway reopening after seven-month closure

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — A Colorado Springs intersection that was closed for seven months of construction is reopening with an entirely new look.

The project replaced the intersection of Printers Parkway and South Parkside Drive, just east of Memorial Park, with a roundabout that is expected to significantly improve safety. The new roundabout is expected to open to local traffic Saturday afternoon, Oct. 31.

The old intersection had a history of high accident rates among City-owned roads in Colorado Springs. It featured an unusual left turn that cut across a wide median and forced motorists to stop in the middle of the intersection. It had 50 potential “conflict points,” places in the intersection where vehicles could cross paths and collide. The new roundabout has just eight conflict points, which reduces the possibility of accidents there.

“This is a much-needed safety improvement for the local community,” said Kevin Diekelman, project manager for the City of Colorado Springs. “Every neighborhood stakeholder we spoke to prior to construction told us they considered the intersection dangerous, and some had seen multiple accidents at that location.”

The area includes an apartment complex, a large Colorado Springs Fire Department training and administration facility, and several medical clinics with busy patient traffic. 

“The new roundabout will make it much easier for people unfamiliar with the area to safely find their way through the intersection,” Diekelman said. 

The project was funded by the Federal Highway Administration, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority and the City of Colorado Springs. The project team included Jacobs Engineering, Blue Ridge Construction and Hayward Public Information.

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