New Sidewalk on Airport Rd. Thanks to Missing Sidewalk Program

The south side of Airport Road between South Circle Drive and Chelton Road now has a little over a half mile of new sidewalk thanks to the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation’s (PPRTA) Missing Sidewalk Program. Previously, pedestrians walked in the street or through overgrown grass. After this sidewalk installation, pedestrians now have a 5-foot wide sidewalk to use.

The Missing Sidewalk Program is designed to enhance pedestrian access by fill in missing gaps in sidewalks. In 2017, the program added approximately 3.6 miles of sidewalk to 49 sections of missing sidewalk and has installed 10 miles of missing sidewalk to 180 sections throughout Colorado Springs since the program began in 2015.  This is certainly a case where a little goes a long way to helping people get around by foot.