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Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project


The Waldo Canyon fire in 2012 burned a large percentage of the Camp Creek watershed resulting in larger and more frequent water flows into the creek, leading to increased erosion. Runoff from significant rainstorms in 2015 caused further, serious erosion along the creek.

In the fall of 2013, the City of Colorado Springs launched the Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project to thoughtfully plan short-term and long-term solutions to protect the Camp Creek corridor from flooding and erosion to improve public safety. Through an eight-month planning process in 2013-14 involving approximately 250 residents, the City, project consultants, and the community worked together to come up with solutions that are both technically sound and responsive to community needs and values.

This multi-phase Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project includes naturalistic channel stabilization, stormwater detention to reduce flood flows, sediment and debris impacting the area and the eventual reconstruction of drainage infrastructure along the 31st Street corridor to include a more naturalistic channel with capacity to convey the 100-year flood.

When all phases are complete efforts expected to remove all but approximately 30 properties of the more than 200 properties currently in the 100-year floodplain.
Key elements of the plan include:
  • A detention / sediment collection pond in the northern portion of Garden of the Gods Park
  • Naturalistic channel stabilization in Garden of the Gods Park and Rock Ledge Ranch
  • Replacement of the Camp Creek bridge and widening the pavement at Gateway Road
  • Re-alignment of Camp Creek near the chapel in Rock Ledge Ranch
  • Replacement of culverts and bridges with larger bridges to minimize restrictions in the 31st Street channel
  • Replacement of the existing concrete and rock-lined channel in 31st Street with a wider channel with a rock and boulder-lined, low-flow channel and flatter, grass and small shrub-lined upper side slopes
  • A paved extension of the Foothills Trail within the 31st Street channel section
  • Extension of the underground portion of Camp Creek from Bijou Street/Echo Lane to West Platte Avenue.

Construction is expected to have a minimal impact on Garden of the Gods Park and the Foothills Trail will remain open with some short-term closures during construction of the detention pond. The overall view of Garden of the Gods from the visitor's center will not be changed. 

Channel Stabilization

COMPLETED in 2016!

This phase of the project included constructing naturalistic channel stabilization structures, shaping banks, and planting vegetation along portions of Camp Creek through Garden of the Gods and Rock Ledge Ranch.  Channel stabilization combined with construction of a stormwater detention and sediment pond at the far north end of Garden of the Gods Park is expected to enable 120 properties to be removed from the 100-year floodplain along Camp Creek.

Detention Pond

A stormwater detention and sedimentation pond will be constructed to replace a temporary sedimentation pond at the north end of Garden of the Gods park. That project is expected to begin construction in 2017. 

31st Street Drainage Corridor

Some funding is available in 2018 through the Intergovernmental Agreement with Pueblo to begin work on Phase One of this project.