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Chestnut Street Bridge Project


Project Plan

The City selected a Precast Concrete (36’x11’) Three Sided Arch as the alternative to move forward with into design.  This Alternative was selected due to the following criteria:

  • Budget – Approximately 25% cheaper than a single span bridge
  • Trail Accommodation – The Arch is more open than the box culvert option and will provide for a better trail experience
  • Utilities – The fill (dirt material on top of the arch) will more easily provide space for the utilities between the roadway surface and the arch structure


    Project Schedule

    Project Timeline:

    • August 2015 – Flood event causes infrastructure failure and necessitates closure of Chestnut Street
    • August 2015 – Started stabilization project with local contractor, secured site, hired consulting engineer for design, extensive coordination with CSU to remove utilities from project site while keeping the community in service
    • October 2015 – First public open house was held to receive project input from the local community
    • October 2015 –Stabilization of the site was completed
    • December 2015 – Several review meetings regarding the design of the replacement structure were held.  Reviewers included city engineering, stormwater, streets, parks and rec; CSU water, wastewater, electric and gas, Centurylink and Comcast  
    • February 2016 – Project was advertised for Construction
    • March 2016 – Signed contract with low bidder for Construction
    • April 2016 – Second public open house was held to inform the public of the construction schedule
    • April 2016 – Contractor expected to mobilize to site the week of April 11th
    • November 2016 – Anticipated project completion and road opening


    Arch Bridge


    Multi-modal Traffic

    Proposed widening of Chestnut Street to accommodate multi-modal traffic:


    Trail Relocation and Detour


    Proposed trail relocation:


    On August 10, a large sinkhole opened up on the bridge deck of Chestnut Street between Vondelpark Drive and Ellston Street following intense rainfall over the South Douglas Drainage Basin. After evaluating multiple options, City Engineering determined the most cost effective solution was to accelerate the planned Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority (PPRTA) bridge replacement project originally planned for 2019, rather than to throw away costs and further inconvenience residents by doing a temporary repair and then construct a full replacement just a few years later.  The PPRTA Board approved accelerating the Chestnut Street Bridge Replacement Project.  The City has hired HDR, Inc. to develop conceptual designs of proposed replacement options, which will be presented to the public at the open house on Oct. 8.


    Funding Source: PPRTA (Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority)

    Estimated construction cost: $2,922,465.80  

    Project Contact: Alex Pellegrino, PE; (719) 385-5321;