Tejon Roundabout

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Overhead view of place where new roundabout will be built.

Ivywild Neighborhood where roundabout will be placed.

The City of Colorado Springs is proposing to convert the traffic control at the existing signalized intersection of S. Tejon Street, Cascade Avenue, Ramona Avenue, and Cheyenne Boulevard to a modern roundabout. The existing intersection includes five approaches to a single point.  The intersection has a fully-developed urban context, including retail, office, entertainment and residential uses in the Ivywild neighborhood.  Both Cheyenne Blvd. and S. Tejon Street have bicycle lanes on them but there is a pinch point of these bicycle lanes at the intersection in all directions, requiring bicyclists to merge into the travel lanes at the intersection rather than being able to carry the bicycle lanes through the intersection.

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The angles of the existing approaches are difficult for motorists to negotiate.  The angle of each approach creates poor sight distance and exacerbates the difficulties of wayfinding signage and directional choice for the nonresident driver.  As a result, the intersection creates considerable delay even in the absence of significant traffic volumes.  A secondary consequence is that local drivers avoid the intersection by cutting through nearby neighborhood streets, creating other local traffic conflicts and neighborhood concerns.

The proposed modern roundabout solution at this signalized intersection will improve operations, reduce travel delay, reduce long-term maintenance costs with the removal of the traffic signal, and carry bicyclists and pedestrians fully through all legs of the intersection.  It will also improve traffic operations and enhance the sense of community in compliance with the Ivywild Neighborhood Master Plan and the historic character of the neighborhood. 


This project is funded through a grant from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ). The primary purpose of CMAQ is to fund projects/programs that contribute to attainment or maintenance of national ambient air quality standards which reduce transportation-related emissions.

Project Benefits

  • Improved intersection operation and public safety during both peak hours and off-peak hours
  • Safer passage for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Promote air quality by improved traffic circulation
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Implement elements of the City of Colorado Springs Comprehensive Plan
  • Stimulate economic vitality within nearby Urban Renewal Areas and Neighborhood Strategy Area
  • Enhance neighborhood appearance with streetscape enhancements,

Project Schedule

  • Bid January 2019
  • Construction Start April 2019
  • Construction Duration 8 months