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  1. Budgets & Finance

    jmsmith - 2016-03-16 09:48 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    City Auditor The City Auditor provides Council an independent, objective and comprehensive auditing program for operations of the City; evaluates the adequacy of financial controls, records and operations and the effectiveness and efficiency of organizati ...

  2. Notice of Non-Discrimination

    JHein - 2016-03-31 09:57 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION The City of Colorado Springs does not, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, or familial status, discriminate against persons in the provision of programs, services or activities recei ...

  3. Pay a Parking Ticket

    test - 2016-03-04 16:39 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Pay a Parking Ticket ...

  4. Contractors and Developers

    amatkovich - 2016-03-22 11:38 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    This page is for affordable housing  developers. If you are seeking affordable housing: Click ...

  5. Publications & Manuals

    jmsmith - 2016-03-08 14:41 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Land Use Review has a variety of codes, publications and manuals available to be purchased, viewed and/or downloaded. The Code of the City of Colorado Springs, 2001 as amended includes the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Code. The Comprehe ...

  6. Bear Creek Parcel

    amatkovich - 2016-08-08 13:22 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Details The Broadmoor will trade to the City of Colorado Springs approximately 9 acres of property located along the southern boundary of Bear Creek Regional Park, adjacent to 21st Street.  What will be achieved? Preserve property as public open space.    ...

  7. Chamberlain Trail

    amatkovich - 2016-03-11 09:53 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Details The Broadmoor will grant to the City of Colorado Springs trail easements across three properties owned by the Broadmoor, located in proximity to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  What will be achieved?   Secure trail easements for the future development ...

  8. Evans Avenue Bridge Replacement

    jmsmith - 2016-12-08 13:03 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Location: Evans Avenue bridge near the entrance to North Cheyenne Cañon ​Detour Map Project Description:  Replace the existing Evans Avenue bridge over Cheyenne Creek and make pedestrian improvements. Originally built in 1925, the existing bridge is long ...

  9. Team USA

    JHein - 2016-03-28 10:46 - This site (Colorado Springs)


  10. Olympic Museum

    JHein - 2016-03-28 11:04 - This site (Colorado Springs)