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  1. Buffered Bike Lanes

    amatkovich - 2017-01-30 12:51 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    What are Buffered Bike Lanes? Bike lanes are defined as  a portion of the roadway that has been ...   Buffered bike lanes are standard bike lanes that are paired with a designated buffer space to separates ... the bicycle lane from the adjacent motor vehicle travel lane and/or parking lane. Benefits of Buffered Bike ...

  2. Schedule of Fees- CSPD

    ruffalaa - 2015-03-27 12:54 - 5n4xo9

    are determined RECORD RELEASE- Records & Identification Section Item Fee What You Get Additional Pages ... Process Time Police Report $6.00 First 5 Pages $0.25 Each 15 Minutes Traffic Accident $ 6.00 First 5 Pages ... Log) (each) $6.00 First 5 Pages $0.25 Each 15 Minutes Call History for an Address(each) $6.00 Call ...

  3. Department of Public Works

    amatkovich - 2017-08-21 08:41 - This site (Colorado Springs)


  4. Public Works Map

    amatkovich - 2017-09-25 15:02 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Here is a link to our public works map. It shows all our projects for Water Resources Engineering ...

  5. Bike Master Plan Draft Chapter 4: Applying the Best Solutions

    sleonard - 2018-01-31 11:50 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    be explored. Lead: Public Works | Time: Near-term City Policy Changes The final ingredient of the COS Bikes ... to maintain new facility types such as separated bike lanes. Lead: Public Works, Parks & Recreation |  ... priority areas, but have demonstrated public support for bike facilities, and should be included ...

  6. Electric Bikes: Trails and Policies

    sleonard - 2018-02-08 08:53 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    What is an E-bike? An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, powerbike or booster bike ... , is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion E-bike Classes Class 1: Pedal ... Class 3: Speed Pedelec The electric drive system on the E-bike can be activated through a pedaling ...

  7. Bus Route Trip Planner

    omorrill - 2014-11-25 09:10 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    The Bus Route Trip Planner is located on the left-hand side of this page, just below ...

  8. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Calendar-Discover Colorado Springs 2018

    jkrisko - 2017-11-17 09:25 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Prize Cover Winner James Van Hoy’s picture of America the Beautiful Park Page Winners Blodgett Peak Open ...

  9. Housing Programs

    pmorrow - 2018-01-08 08:50 - This site (Colorado Springs)

      On this page you will find information about the following: Architectural Barrier Removal ...

  10. Camp Creek Public Input & Project Progress History

    msheldon - 2017-07-05 16:42 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Meeting: Presentation of Proposed Plan and Public Response Below are the presentation materials, handouts, ... and the public responses from the April 29, 2014 meeting Power Point Presentation Project Background Exhibits ... Cultural Resources Potential Funding Sources Preliminary Project Phasing Plan Public Responses Community ...