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  1. Bike-n-Bus Program

    kheider - 2017-08-03 09:56 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    for the rest! Bicycle racks are mounted on the front of each Mountain Metro bus and passengers may load a bicycle at any ... the bus operator and wait for the next available bike rack equipped bus. Please note that Mountain ...

  2. Carpool

    kheider - 2017-08-03 09:57 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Mountain Metro Rides now offers free, automated carpool matching through RIDEPRO, our online ... a ride. Get started today!   Rest assured, Mountain Metro Rides keeps your personal information ...

  3. Commuting by Bike

    kheider - 2017-08-03 09:58 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    For added convenience, Mountain Metropolitan Transit offers bike lockers and bike racks on all buses through ... its Bike-n-Bus Program.  Call Metro Rides at (719) 385-7433 option #2 to get started!  We even offer ...

  4. Park-n-Ride

    amorre200 - 2017-08-03 09:58 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    to the alternative you have selected!   Mountain Metro Rides is a great resource for helping you rethink your ...

  5. Tax Subsidies

    kheider - 2017-08-03 09:59 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Employees can reduce their commuting costs by 40%! Employers can save an average of approximately 8% on payroll taxes! Government employees can commute for free! Federal tax law allows employees to reduce their commuting costs by up to 40%, while helping ...

  6. Vanpool

    kheider - 2017-08-03 10:06 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Make Vanpool Payment       Get Started Today!      Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool service is a smart ... and have those interested contact you. Contact the Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist and find out ... the savings- and the ride!  Mountain Metro Rides is accepting applications for groups to use a Mountain Metro ...

  7. Transit Advertising

    kheider - 2017-08-03 10:23 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    advertising on Mountain Metropolitan Transit fixed-route buses, bus benches, bus shelters or other amenities, ...

  8. Transit Planning Studies

    heider - 2017-10-31 10:13 - This site (Colorado Springs)

       - Appendix A- Funding and Financial Assumptions Mountain Metropolitan Transit Fare Policy Study ... Final Report May 2012 Mountain Metropolitan Transit Onboard Survey 2016 Mountain Metropolitan Transit ... Onboard Survey 2013   Mountain Metropolitan Transit Title VI Plan 2017     -2017 Fixed-Route Service ...

  9. Downtown Transit Center

    amorre200 - 2018-01-04 09:19 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    is needed to improve operations, safety and rider experience throughout the current and future Mountain ... Metro Transit system, as well as enhance downtown redevelopment opportunities. This study will identify ...

  10. Route Information

    omorrill - 2018-02-01 09:27 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Schedules and System Map ...