New stormwater channel is cheaper, more durable, and natural looking

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This is an example of how a stormwater channel can be designed to reduce flooding while creating a more natural look. For years our Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division has struggled maintaining this channel near Lexington and Bourdeaux in Northeast Colorado Springs.

The steep slopes between the sidewalk and channel have been difficult to stabilize because concrete pieces would dislodge, slide off and clog the channel.

The Stormwater Enterprise team decided to try a new product called Hydroturf made of a concrete base with a grass-like fabric that anchors into the slope.  Not only does the Hydroturf provide a more natural look to the channel, it costs less to install than traditional concrete and virtually eliminates any long-term maintenance.

With the success of this project, we are now looking to retro-fit some other concrete channels with this product in areas adjacent to foot traffic and public spaces.

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