Stormwater Enterprise Annual Reports

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Annual Report of Activities

The purpose of this annual report is to provide a summary of activities conducted by the City of Colorado Springs (City) Stormwater Enterprise during the 2016 calendar year. These activities include stormwater-related capital projects, drainage-related operations and maintenance duties, MS4 Permit compliance activities, and implementation of programs aimed toward the protection of waterways adjacent to both City and Colorado Springs Utilities infrastructure. This report is in addition to reports submitted to Pueblo County associated with the stormwater-related Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) entered into by the City, Colorado Springs Utilities (Utilities), and Pueblo County on April 27, 2016. The IGA commits the City and Utilities to invest $460 million dollars over the next two decades on stormwater management and control activities, including a commitment to construct certain identified capital projects.

In 2016, the City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise began an extensive and significant reorganization, as described in this report. As part of the reorganization efforts, the former Stormwater Division was renamed as the Stormwater Enterprise to more accurately reflect the division’s role and purpose.

“Ultimately, the purpose of Stormwater Enterprise is for achievement and protection of clean waterways. Because the majority of stormwater (precipitation or snow melt) eventually makes its way into our waterways and to downstream communities, managing our water resources at the source with a comprehensive approach, including the planning and management of constructed facilities, implementation of MS4 Permit mandated programs, community education, and the adopt-a-waterway program, is key to maintaining clean waterways for our community and our downstream neighbors.”

- Richard Mulledy,
Stormwater Enterprise Manager