Stormwater Fee: Residential Information

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Beginning July 1, 2018, all residential units with residential water services through Colorado Springs Utilities will be charged a $5 per unit monthly fee that will be collected through residents’ monthly utility bill.

Residential units without an active residential water services agreement with Springs Utilities will be billed through a separate billing agency. This includes all master metered properties or properties with commercial water service agreements.

Residents who are serviced by Colorado Springs Utilities but who do not live in Colorado Springs will not have to pay the fee. The fee only applies to properties within the geographic city limits of Colorado Springs.

The stormwater fee is a monthly charge and is not dependent on water usage or occupancy.

The City Ordinance dictates each residential unit will pay $5 on their utility bill where they have residential water service. All customers are being billed in accordance to the ordinance. The City is not able to intervene in a landlord/tenant or HOA dispute. 

For questions related to the fee or the City’s stormwater operations, please call the City at 719-385-7876

For questions about your residential Springs Utilities bill and account, please call Colorado Springs Utilities at 719-448-4800.