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Phase One of Monument Branch Stabilization Complete


Work is complete on the first of three phases of construction to stabilize Monument Branch, a natural waterway near I-25 and Voyager that empties onto the Air Force Academy. Crews addressed an area of severe erosion that threatened utilities infrastructure crossing the channel by building sculpted concrete drop structures to stair step, or slow the rate water reaches the channel bottom, re-grading the channel and banks, and planting new vegetation to protect City infrastructure. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see before and after photos.)

The second phase of the project will focus both on smaller repairs to the channel closer to Voyager Pkwy where the channel is still in a better condition and on the opposite end of phase 1 work closer to I-25 where the channel is more severely eroded.

A recent study of Monument Creek found that Monument Branch currently contributes the equivalent of 200 semi truckloads of sediment each year into Monument Creek. Once all three-phases of the project are complete along Monument Branch and the channel is fully stabilized, it is estimated that the equivalent of less than one semi truckload of sediment each year will flow into Monument Creek aleviating future costly repairs downstream.


before and after photos of Monument Creek branch showing the improved stormwater landscape

Another before and after view of the Monument Branch area showing improved stormwater infrastructure and landscape