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Storm Delays Stormwater Project Near Elementary School


Crews were working on a significant stormwater project to address localized flooding near Taylor Elementary School in the Patty Jewett neighborhood when Wednesday’s (July 27, 2017) storm caused significant damage to the project area.

This area is a central gathering point for much of the water that drains through the Patty Jewett neighborhood. Because there is currently no curb and gutter along this portion of Arcadia Street water has nowhere to go and has caused localized flooding in the past.

In addition to work in the channel, this stormwater project involves leveling out the roadway and installing sidewalk along Arcadia from Taylor Elementary to San Miguel Street to help direct water in the streets into the channel while providing pedestrian access on the east side of Arcadia for elementary students.

This is one of the first stormwater projects to be complete thanks to TABOR funds that voters approved the City to retain in April for 26 stormwater projects in Colorado Springs. New sidewalk will be installed through the City’s missing sidewalk program with funding through Pikes Peak Rural Authority dollars.  It was set for completion before the start of school, but damage to the channel will delay completion until the end of August.

road closed sign on Arcadia Street viewed from San Miguel

photo of area where fallen tree once stood.

View of Arcadia street covered in mud and fallen treestump of fallen treefallen tree across the road with a man standing next to it.

fallen tree across the roadArcadia street and San Miguel with tree debris and construction equipment