City officials place focus on traffic safety

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In an effort to create awareness about traffic safety, City officials released today a campaign to encourage the public to “Focus on Safety”.

The campaign is intended to remind the public of simple, yet lifesaving advice to reinforce positive behaviors to combat the primary causes of crashes for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The campaign, along with upcoming implementation of the red light camera safety program are two new tools designed bolster current efforts to enhance safety on city streets.

“2017 was a record breaking year for traffic fatalities for Colorado Springs, and sadly we are on track to break the record again this year. Police are seeing a negative trend in dangerous driving behaviors on our roadways--speed, impatience, distraction, and aggressive or impaired driving are on the rise,” said Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey. “It comes down to respecting everyone on the road. A shift in behavior through education and enforcement is required to reduce the number and severity of crashes.”

The “Focus on Safety” campaign consists of short 15-second public service announcements targeting motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists with a message to encourage all roadway users to take to heart all the great advice they received when they first ventured out on their own. Two PSAs focusing on motorists and pedestrians will launch today with a third PSA focusing on bicycle safety to be released in the coming weeks.  Visit for more information.

Pedestrian-focused PSA:

Motorist-focused PSA:

Following the initial release in August identifying the first four intersections to implement the red light camera safety program, Colorado Springs Police Department is providing additional information about the methodology used in selecting intersections that will take advantage of this new technology.