Paving season wraps up with completion of final road work

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – As the third 2C paving season comes to a close, Colorado Springs drivers can enjoy a total of 222.5 newly-paved lane miles, thanks to the 2C ballot measure passed in 2015. Despite the recent winter-like weather, crews anticipate completing the final roadways to receive 2C paving by Oct. 26, weather dependent.

“With the 2C initiative now more than halfway complete, we are really seeing the positive impact of this $50 million a year investment in our local infrastructure,” said Mayor John Suthers. “The funding from this critical local ballot measure has resurfaced nearly 700 lane miles since 2016, and while there is still much work to be done, 2C has allowed us to take important steps to improve the overall condition of our streets.”

The effort is funded through a temporary five-year $0.62 sales tax approved by Colorado Springs voters in Nov. 2015 used solely for roadway repairs. Paving efforts occur in tandem with continued PPRTA projects that provide routine preventative maintenance to help roads achieve their full life span.

Crews are actively finishing the following roadways to receive 2C paving in 2018:

  • 24th Street from Cul-De-Sac to Wolff Place, Wolff Place to Uintah Street, and Uintah Street to Pikes Peak Avenue
  • Walnut Street from Boulder Boulevard to Bijou Street, and Bijou Street to Colorado Avenue
  • Institute Street from San Rafael Street to Cache la Poudre Street
  • North Carefree Circle from Peterson Road to Powers Boulevard, Powers Boulevard to Oro Blanco Drive

Contractors completed the 2018 pre-overlay concrete list and 18 percent of the 2019 list. Curb and gutter work is required prior to repaving as any deficiency in this infrastructure creates risk of water and structural damage, which would significantly lessen the lifespan of any new streets. Further, sidewalk work was completed ahead of paving to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that any time a street is repaired or repaved, ADA accessibility must be brought up to current standards.

Tax revenues collected by the 0.62 percent sales tax portion are placed in a separate fund which is overseen by the City Auditor’s office and used exclusively for road, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements. Further, a citizen committee convenes quarterly to review operations, expenditures and quality control. Any and all funds remaining by the end of 2018 will roll into 2C construction for future years.

2018 Colorado Springs complete paving operations and concrete work

The following are milestones reached by 2018 paving operations and concrete work. Unless specified otherwise, the below numbers include combined funding from 2C, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) and City of Colorado Springs general funds:

  • Paved 222.5 lane miles under Ballot 2C
  • Replaced 137,891.9 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Replaced 288,423.48 square feet sidewalk
  • Installed 150 new pedestrian ramps
  • Retrofitted 843 existing pedestrian ramps
  • Placed more than 150,614.02 tons of asphalt

In addition, the public works operations and maintenance division performed much needed routine maintenance on several roadways in 2018.

  • 108.37 lane miles of chip seal preventative maintenance under PPRTA
  • 267.83 lane miles of crack seal preventative maintenance under PPRTA

Public Works estimates 224.67 lane miles will be paved in 2019, and the final list will be released in the coming months. For more information about voter-supported 2C projects visit Click here to view an interactive map highlighting all public works projects, including stormwater, capital improvements, paving and roadway maintenance, traffic engineering and transit.