COS 150 Tree Challenge

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Challenge: 18,071 New Trees Planted 


historic image of Colorado Springs workers planting trees

The best time to plant a tree was 150 years ago. The second best time is now.

As we get ready to celebrate our City’s 150th anniversary, it’s exciting to reflect on the wonderful gifts that our City’s founder, General William Jackson Palmer, bestowed on us. This includes more than 2,000 acres of incredible parkland – which, 148 years later, still includes some of the most sweeping, majestic views in the world.  Examples of parkland gifts from Palmer include: Alamo, Acacia, Antlers, Monument Valley and Palmer Park.

Another of Palmer's amazing legacies to our community is our tree-lined city.  When he founded our city in 1871, it was a nearly treeless, arid plain. Palmer changed that by planting thousands of trees in our city. To celebrate our 150th anniversary in 2021 and carry on Palmer’s vision of a tree-lined city, we are challenging the community to help plant 18,071 new trees over the next two years.

How you can participate

Track your tree

To reach our goal, we need your tree to count! Add your tree to the tree tracker.

COS150 Tree Tracker 

Learn how to plant and care for your tree

Donate to the COS 150 Tree Challenge Fund

Funds contributed will go to purchasing and establishing trees in our city parks. City Forestry estimates the cost of purchasing, planting and caring for one tree during its first five years of establishment is approximately $1,000.

Make checks payable to "COS150Tree Challenge Fund" and mail or drop it off to: 

ATTN: COS 150 Tree Challenge Fund
1401 Recreation Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Encourage your community to participate 

  • Coordinate with your neighborhood or HOA for community planting projects by contacting representatives or introducing challenges
  • Encourage your school district to become a Tree Campus K-12
  • Work with your church or community organization to participate in tree plantings
  • Challenge your workplace to participate by donating or by planting and caring for trees

Tree Tracker Map

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Remember to care for your tree!

Tree care is essential for both new and old trees! All trees can benefit greatly from proper maintenance and watering.

DiscoverCOS: Tree Challenge Kick-Off

DiscoverCOS: Tree Challenge Kick-Off