Stormwater projects under construction around town designed to reduce flooding, improve water quality

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Your stormwater fee dollars are working to reduce flooding locally and to improve water quality for downstream communities. Five detention ponds are at various phases of construction around Colorado Springs. These detention ponds are dry most of the time, but will capture water from storm events and then release it back into our waterways slowly to reduce flooding. These projects are funded through multiple sources, including grants and the new stormwater fee.

  • Sierra Madre in southwest downtown
  • Rangewood near Rangewood Drive and Dublin Blvd
  • Pine Creek near Briargate Pkwy and Chapel Hills Drive
  • Rustic Hills near Constitution Ave and Murray Blvd
  • Scarborough near Powers Blvd and Scarborough Drive

Colorado Springs resident Randy Boaz was curious about what was happening in his neighborhood and produced this video to share exactly how these ponds work to address our growing water quality needs in Colorado Springs.

Scarborough Pond by Randy Boaz

The Stormwater Advisory Committee meets today, May 16, 2019, from 2-4 p.m. For more information visit the Stormwater Advisory Committee page.

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