Small Stormwater Project Makes Big Difference for Neighborhood

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Thanks to voters allowing the City to retain excess sales tax revenue through TABOR, this small stormwater project will make a big difference on Centennial Boulevard and for an adjacent neighborhood.

A large stormwater catchment has been installed to a section of Centennial Blvd between Centennial Glen and Allegheny Drive to capture stormwater runoff and sediment that regularly spills onto Centennial Blvd during large rain events.  As you can see, sediment was even carried by runoff and deposited into the cul-de-sac of a nearby neighborhood.

The larger catchment will slow the rate of runoff entering the storm drain and capture most of the sediment and prevent it from reaching a neighboring cul-de-sac.

Crews raised gutter and curb elevations for a neighboring cul-de-sac to prevent water and sediment from flooding the street.

This is an example of a small stormwater project that has a big impact on the neighborhood. For more information about stormwater projects visit