Grading and Erosion Control Permit

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Currently, an approved Grading, Erosion, and Stormwater Quality Control (GESQC) Plan serves as the City of Colorado Springs Grading and Erosion Control (GEC) Permit.  GESQC Plans must be developed and approved prior to construction.  No clearing, grading, excavation, filling, or other land disturbing activities are permitted prior to acceptance of the GESQC Plan.  Once approved, GESQC Plans must be kept updated on site.


GESQC Plans are required to be submitted when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Any grading or construction within the Hillside overlay;
  • Any grading or construction within the Streamside overlay;
  • Excavation or fill of 500 cubic yards or more;
  • Grading of a site with platted acreage of one or more acres;
  • Grading on any property with a natural slope in excess of eight percent; and
  • Any time Permanent BMPs are required.

GESQC Plans must communicate and satisfy the following:

  • Identify all potential sources of pollution which may affect the quality of stormwater discharges associated with construction activity;
  • Describe the practices to be used to reduce the pollutants in stormwater discharges associated with construction activity including the installation, implementation and maintenance requirements; and
  • Be prepared in accordance with good engineering, hydrologic, and pollution control practices and be updated throughout construction and stabilization of the site.

Additionally, GESQC Narratives must be submitted and approved prior to GESQC Plan approval.

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