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Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

On-Call Executive Recruiting Services

  1. R24-028AL RFP

Food & Beverage Services – Valley Hi Golf Course

  1. R24-039MZ RFP

CSFD Medical & Cancer Screening Services

  1. R24-029MZ RFP

Gold Hill Division Repaving

  1. B24-035KK IFB

Janitorial Services

  1. R24-032DS RFP
    1. Appendix A

Transit Campus Parking Lot Repairs

  1. R24-023NA RFP

Traffic Counting Technologies and Services RFI

  1. R24-033MZ RFI

Weather Stations RFI

  1. R24-034MZ RFI

On-Call Project Manager

  1. Q24-004NA RFQ

Airport Rd. to Academy Loop Drive Project

  1. B24-T025JD IFB

Three Trail Crossings Project: Dublin Park Crossing Dublin Blvd, Rock Island Crossing Murray Blvd and Shooks Run Crossing Uintah St

  1. B24-T024MZ IFB

Pikes Peak America's Mountain Shuttle Services

  1. R24-026DS RFP
    1. Appendix A

Downtown Median Landscape Maintenance

  1. R23-018DS RFP
    1. Appendix

North Slope Recreation Area Limber Pine Trail Construction and Improvement Project

  1. B24-021AL IFB

North Cheyenne Canon Ladders Trail Construction Project

  1. B24-022AL IFB

Marksheffel and Zircon Design Services

  1. R24-016SL RFP

CSPD Training Academy Resource Scheduling Tool

  1. R24-019AL RFI

SIMD Landscape Maintenance Services

  1. R24-017AL RFP

Garden of the Gods Ute Valley Trail Storm Sewer Line Construction Project

  1. B24-020AL RFP

Taxiway A Realignment (A4-A7)

  1. B24-003NS IFB
    1. Addendum 01

On-Call Substance Testing

  1. R24-008NA RFP
    1. Addendum 01

On-Call Landscaping & Revegetation Projects

  1. R24-014SL RFP

Parking and Curb Management Plan

  1. R24-10CA RFP
    1. Addendum 01

Variable Message Signs

  1. R23-T007DS RFP
    1. Addendum 01

Tutt Blvd Extension: Dublin to Templeton Gap

  1. B24-T012MZ IFB

Pipe lining for Farnsworth Dr.

  1. R24-005CA RFP
    1. Addendum 01

On-Call Electrical Services

  1. R23-140 PB RFP
    1. Addendum 01

ADA Complementary Paratransit Services

  1. R23-157PB RFP
    1. Addendum 01

Off Highway Vehicle Purchase, Upfit & Maintenance

  1. R23-159DS RFP

Legal Advisor to Independent Ethics Commission

  1. R23-161SL RFP

Tires & Mobile Tire Service for Vehicles

  1. R23-160SL RFP

ADA Accessible Cutaway Vehicle Purchase

  1. R23-144AB RFP
  2. Addendum 01 - R23-144
  3. Addendum 02

On-Call Planning Services for Colorado Springs Airport

  1. R23-150SL RFP

Parking Garage & Parking Lot Security Services

  1. R23-125DS RFP
    1. Exhibit A - Rate Sheet

South Monument Valley Park Irrigation System Installation

  1. R23-147DS RFP

Academy Enhanced Transit Corridor Study

  1. Q23-124 AB RFQ
    1. Addendum 01

Strategic Plan Consultant

  1. R23-133NS RFP

Design Services for Monument Creek at Mark Dabling Boulevard

  1. R23-132SL RFP

On-Call Materials Testing

  1. R23-085PB RFP
    1. Addendum 01

Investment Advisory Services

  1. R23-129NS RFP

Palmer Park Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Project

  1. R23-126DS RFP
    1. Exhibit 7 - Asbestos Survey Report

Fleet Autobody Repair Services

  1. R23-122DS RFP
    1. Schedule A

South Cheyenne Canyon Bridge Replacement

  1. B23-T102AL RFP

Beach House Roof Teardown and Construction

  1. B23-097JW RFP
    1. Addendum 01

CSPD Promotional Assessments

  1. R23-086DS RFP

Annexation Plan Consultant

  1. R23-088NS RFP

Pikes Peak America's Mountain Shuttle Services

  1. R23-020NS RFP

Taxiway B Rehabilitation Phase 2

  1. B23-003NS

Investment Management Services

  1. R22-180NS RFP

Bandshell Feasibility Study for Acacia Park

  1. R22-075NS RFI

Medical Plan Administration

  1. R22-040NS RFP