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Our payment process has changed.  You can download instructions here.

About Vanpool

Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool service is a smart choice for groups of commuters who live and work near each other. Passengers share the ride and pay a low monthly fare for a minivan seating up to 6, or a full-size van seating up to 10 people. All fuel, maintenance, and insurance are included.

How Vanpool Works: 

  • A group of 6 to 10 people share a ride to work in a van dedicated to their commute, for a monthly fare based on the mileage and number of passengers in the van. 
  • Vanpool riders volunteer to drive, track maintenance and submit reports.

Join a Vanpool:

  • Fill out the web application with your starting point, destination and daily schedule.
  • Our vanpool coordinator will try to match you with an existing van based on your needs.

Form Your Own Vanpool:

  • Email co-workers or post notices at work.
  • Talk to co-workers about forming a vanpool.
  • Post notices in nearby buildings and have those interested contact you.
  • Contact the Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist and find out if there are people near your work or home who are on a vanpool waiting list.

Once You Have a Vanpool Group:

  • Set up a brief planning meeting to decide on a time and place to meet (see Park-n-Ride locations).
  • Choose your drivers and riders (it's easier than it sounds).
  • Complete your sign-up forms.
  • Sit back and enjoy the savings - and the ride!

 Mountain Metro Rides is accepting applications for groups to use a Mountain Metro Rides-owned van.

Get Started Today!

Accessibility Requests:

If your group needs an accessible van that meets ADA requirements, please let us know. We're happy to accommodate modifications at no additional cost.

Contact Information:

For more information, contact a Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist by calling  (719 ) 385-RIDE (7433) or email: