Downtown Transit Station Study

Community Open House #1

On June 22, 2016, the community met and provided feedback on potential sites for a new multimodal downtown station. These preliminary sites were identified during the first of three increasingly detailed levels of screening that will continue throughout this summer. Please review meeting materials by following the link below:

Open House #1 Meeting Materials

Input Summary - Open House #1

Community Open House #2

On October 19, 2016, the community met and provided feedback on three potential sites for a new multimodal downtown station which were identified for Level 3 Screening. This was the second open house for the Downtown Station Study, following the first on June 22, 2016.  Please review meeting materials from both open houses and complete a comment form by following the link below:

Open House #2 Meeting Materials          

Input Summary - Open House #2

About the Study

The Downtown Station Study is examining options for a new multimodal transit site in Colorado Springs. A new downtown station is needed to improve operations, safety and rider experience throughout the current and future Mountain Metro Transit system, as well as enhance downtown redevelopment opportunities.

This study will identify three recommended locations within the boundaries of I-25 to the West, Wahsatch Avenue to the East, Boulder Street to the North and Las Animas Street to the South.

Existing Conditions

The existing downtown station is at capacity and cannot be expanded in its current location. Bus maneuvering is difficult and mixed vehicle and pedestrian traffic creates unsafe conditions. Current design also limits first responder access, multimodal connections, and results in a challenging boarding and unloading environment.

Study Goals

  • Improve system-wide transit operations, ridership, accessibility and safety
  • Enhance rider experience and connections with other modes of transportation
  • Create a community asset that fits the region’s long-term vision
  • Stimulate downtown revitalization opportunities and Transit Oriented Development

Fact Sheet


Schedule (2016)*

Spring: Study kickoff, data collection and community outreach

Early Summer: Initial screening and identification of potential sites

Late Summer: Comparative analysis of preferred sites

Fall: Narrow selection to three recommended sites 

Late 2016/Early 2017: Refine design, continue technical analysis and collaborate with City administration and City Council to identify a referred site that leads to the construction of a new station to meet the needs of the community and to enhance system operations

*Public input incorporated at key milestones through out the entirety of the process

Downtown Station Study Boundaries 

Downtown Station Final Report - Preliminary



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