2024 Migrant Response Framework

The Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (PPROEM) continues to lead the City’s response, as it has since Mayor Yemi took office in June 2023. This includes gathering and verifying intelligence, planning for future contingencies and scenarios, and putting mechanisms into place if a timely response is required.

The City is not coordinating the arrival of migrants with any Denver or other State agencies. However, as migrants disperse from Denver due to its time limits on sheltering, there is a possibility that we may see a slight increase in migrants arriving independently in the Pikes Peak Region.

The community deserves for its leaders to plan ahead for any number of possibilities, which is why PPROEM published a response framework on Feb. 26, 2024. The document is the result of months of planning. That planning was preceded by data and intelligence gathering.

This framework includes a policy direction group headed by Mayor Yemi, a coordination group to assess and support local nonprofit partners, a liaison group to state and federal partners, a public safety group and a public information group. It also details possible decision points for when the City may be compelled to act in the interest of public safety.